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About Me

'Her job is her passion: Birgit Utz loves to put people, products and ideas center stage. As a freelance costume designer, stylist and creative consultant, she likes to push the boundaries. She applies passion, imagination, intuition, innovative spirit, and her keen eye for fashion and context to create bold images that truly strengthen the overall concept.'

Janina Poesch, Publisher PLOT – Creative Spaces

Porträtbild von Birgit Utz

Birgit Utz

My career is anything but conventional – and that's a good thing. Continuous learning, perseverance, assertiveness and persuasive power, as well as excellent organizational skills and a feel for pricing and budget management are the tools of my trade. It is very fitting that after completing my studies in business management, I worked as a project manager in the field of sports marketing and cultural events for several years. In addition, I have experience as a gallery manager, marketing consultant and PR manager for architects and designers.

But I always knew that my true passion was costume design. I acquired my artistic skills in costume history, fashion, material science, textile processing and craftsmanship through autodidactic further education. And I have worked as a costume designer, stylist and creative consultant for many years. I relish challenging projects that put my creativity to the test, and I love to tread new ground, discover exciting approaches and experiment with unusual solutions.